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3D Puzzle

3D space puzzle game. In it we will enter the world of the QUBITS, adorable cube-shaped creatures that live full of joy and love, but a strange force is causing the qubits to act strangely, becoming sad, angry or too distracted to notice their beloved. With the help of Harmon, the aspect of harmony, you will have to help the qubits regain their unity and defeat this evil force once and for all!

You will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test in over 80 levels, each more challenging than the other, discovering fun new mechanics that will have you rethinking the way riddles are solved.

More projects

Adrian's Fossil Collection

It's an educational game made for Legends of Learning, an American company. Currently in development.

Frame 16 (1).png

Series of educational minigames developed for the Corefo publishing house.

Mock Up.jpg
Cajón Hero

Educational rhythm game in which you will learn to play the Peruvian cajón in an easy and entertaining way. Currently in development.


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